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Whether the project is a small extension or a major infrastructure project, we work with developers, architects, planning consultants and clients to maximise site potential, working within the framework of BS5837:2012



A Tree Constraints Plan is prepared to inform feasibility studies and design options. This will help avoid planning delays, safeguard high quality trees and maximize site potential.

Accurate canopy spreads and Root Protection Areas are plotted, allowing construction exclusion zones to be shown. Tree shading, service routes and visibility splays are considered.

Innovative solutions are often found to deal with any arboricultural issues that arise.

Case Study: Bramshill



An Arboricultural Impact Assessment is prepared to support a planning application. It includes

  • a Tree Protection Plan, showing the proposed site layout, the trees to be retained/removed and tree protection measures.
  • a preliminary Arboricultural Method Statement specifying tree protection and appropriate arboricultural supervision.
  • details of new tree and hedge planting, where required.
  • an impact assessment, considering the overall affect of the development on trees.

Whether shading by trees will affect their future sustainability is always assessed.  The BS5837 method indicates the potential shading through the main part of the day, which is normally adequate.  However, we can prepare a full BRE Daylight Study when required, producing measurements for daylight and sunlight, which are compared against recognised acceptability criteria, removing subjectivity from the assessment.


An Arboricultural Method Statement is prepared before work on site begins. It is drawn up with the construction team, providing details of construction methods, services, drainage, contractor’s facilities and ongoing arboricultural supervision.

The contractor must be fully committed to the final version of the Arboricultural Method Statement, as this is a practical document, approved by the Local Planning Authority, that they must work to throughout the project.

Case Study: Stourhead

Arboricultural Site Supervision is critical to ensure the Arboricultural Method Statement is implemented and any unforseen issues are dealt with smoothly, avoiding project delays and damage to trees.

A pre-commencement meeting with the Tree Officer and ongoing Arboricultural Site Supervision are often included in Planning Conditions.


Case Study: The Priory

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