SJ Stephens Associates supported a planning application to convert an area of coniferous plantation, natural openings and broadleaved woodland into a “glamping” site.

Woodland Management Plan

A woodland management plan for retained areas of woodland was critical to the success of the application. This demonstrated how retained woodland areas would be improved by a combination of thinning, new planting and removal of invasive species.

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Tree Constraints Plan

An initial Tree Constraints Plan helped decide the optimum layout of tracks, car park and clearings for yurts, tipis and safari tents.

Phased Operation

The Woodland Management Plan detailed phased operations to improve areas of unmanaged plantation, a programme to control invasive species and detailed proposals for new woodland planting.


Comprehensive woodland management proposals to improve amenity, biodiversity and landscape value can provide real planning gain to mitigate for development in other parts of a woodland site

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